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Chef Loretta Jones Oh, Taste & See Cookbook

Step into the extraordinary world of Chef Loretta Jones, a culinary virtuoso who honed her skills at the prestigious Art Institute of Culinary Education (AIC). With a passion for both gastronomy and nutrition, Chef Loretta emerged as a Chef and Nutritionist, equipped with a profound understanding of the power of food.

After graduating from AIC, Chef Loretta Jones embarked on an incredible journey, acquiring her very own restaurant, the renowned JJ's Bistro, nestled in the picturesque City of Inglewood, California. Not content with simply running her restaurant, she also dedicated her time and expertise to the City of Refuge Church, extending invaluable resources to her church family and the wider community. A trailblazer in her field, Chef Loretta Jones forged groundbreaking partnerships with physicians and healthcare organizations, fostering a sense of community and organizing transformative healthcare events within the City of Refuge family.

Driven by her unwavering commitment to nutrition, Chef Loretta Jones has become a beacon of knowledge, enlightening countless individuals about the significance of nourishing their bodies correctly. Her impact extends far beyond the walls of her restaurant, as she annually feeds thousands of people during Thanksgiving and Christmas church events, while also providing sustenance and encouragement to the homeless population on Skid Row.Now, the time has come for us all to savor the culinary wonders that Chef Loretta Jones has lovingly crafted. With her cherished recipes at our fingertips, we can recreate her culinary masterpieces in the comfort of our own homes, inviting our loved ones to join us on a delectable journey. So, let the world know and invite them to experience the magic of Chef Loretta's creations – for they too shall exclaim, "Oh, Taste and See!"

Chef Loretta Jones

Chef Loretta Jones
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